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The Missing Taylor

ISBN 978-1-9995071-0-7




After a career as a Chicago policeman and an FBI special agent, Jason Tanner moves to South Florida after losing his wife to cancer. He craves for changes: his new home is a 35-foot yacht moored in a local South Florida marina. He will seek to get his Private Investigator license as a part-time occupation.

Referred by his buddy JR from the Miami-Dade police, a young woman requested his services to locate her missing brother, Mark Taylor, who disappeared over six months ago. She wants to restart the cold case file with Tanner’s help.

Searching Taylor’s personal items, Tanner discovers a strange powder plus sixty thousand dollars in cold cash. Taylor’s last credit card activities show him in Marathon, in the Florida Keys, where Tanner takes his yacht, the Private Eye.

He discovers a drug trafficking organization run by an old nemesis from his FBI days. The gang operates a website selling opioids all over the state. 

The gang will do its utmost to discourage and get rid of the troublesome investigator. 

"The story is quite engaging; couldn't drop it once I started!"

The editor


La Nouvelle Rançon

ISBN-13- 978-2-925014-01-0

  The first chapter opens with a group of smart crooks kidnap the president of the largest bank in Canada while he visits the largest branch in the province. The kidnappers have been planning this activity for months while studying a not so successful bank kidnapping some thirty years ago. And they have learned some lessons.

  For one, they are picking the top man of the organization, not a  small credit clerk. And the group has devised a special handoff of the ransom; one the police has little experience with.

  But the police is hot on. the trail of the kidnappers and eventually raid the house where the group is located with their victim. But the kidnappers had other plans.

Go through the intricacies of the police investigation while following the kidnappers at the same time. It's a game of chess. Only the top player will succeed.


Un Homme de Trop

ISBN 978-2-925144-56-4



   In the second story of inspector-chief Luc Vaillancourt, a group of six business associates meets for a short fishing vacation on a secluded island on the largest lake in Quebec.


   When one of the fishermen, François Primeau, president of a large public company, is murdered, all five remaining associates become suspects. The death of the businessman who was about the sell the company forces Vaillancourt to dig into the financial transaction and the past of Primeau. He will discover all five colleagues had reasonable motives to kill the man but who finally made the move. 

   The fast-paced story will surprise you!