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Amid all the lies

Amid all the lies

My new book, to be released by the end of March, looks into the realms of South Florida politics. A county commissioner, working on a fresh campaign to become a House Representative, finds himself accused of murder. The victim, a female county employee, was about to document a fraud involving elected officials. Through painstaking investigation, Jason Tanner and his ex-FBI colleague must dig into the political world to uncover the truth, well hidden behind the mask of lies.

American politics provided plenty of examples to create this fictional story. Since former President Trump’s arrival on the political scene, the lie-o-meter is heading to new records. Not that lying to the public is a recent occurrence. After all, it started with Adam & Eve. But officials telling falsehoods is now as common as breathing air. Here are a few examples that boggle the imagination.

The Republican party condemned two of their own, this week, over their participation in a “Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens who engaged in legitimate political discourse”. The January-6 insurrection led by a mob of thugs wanting to overturn an election was anything but legitimate discourse. If it's legitimate, one must answer why the Justice Department has charged 768 people so far. Some have pleaded guilty already.

Political lies and deceptions aren’t new. The invasion of Iraq with their weapons of mass destruction is another fine example of politicians spreading false information to advance their causes.

Affirming that Donald Trump won the 2020 election is a blatant lie still being peddled by some officials. Some even dare to proclaim the same rigged elections gave valid results for their own race.

“When do we know a politician is lying? When his lips move.”

Unfortunately, it is not even funny anymore.

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