• RC Cameron

The outline is done.

Contrary to my previous books, I am changing my writing scenario. In my first book, The Missing Taylor, I worked from a blank page and populated it with words. I was a pantser, as Jerry Jenkins, a famous author, would say, or writing from the seats of my pants. The technique works, but as you develop ideas, you often have to return and make changes.

In a recent book, I started with a general plan, a murder in the first chapter, but halfway into the book, I switched the guilty party. That forced me to return to page one and change several facts.

Now, I work with an outline, I am therefore an outliner. This means to define and develop the characters before writing a single line. Most action scenes need to be known before the start. The clues are listed and you know how they will influence the storyline.

So it's a new style for me. I am curious to know if this technique will reduce the time it takes me to create the story. I Will let you know later.

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