• RC Cameron

What a great loss.

This week I lost my father, he was 94 years old.

Quite a longevity you'll say. Pretty good. His own father died at 92.

About 90% of his life was memorable. The rest, he didn't remember.

He was diagnosed with mixed dementia. Lots of people called it Alzheimer. The name is not important. What it did to him is.

His short term memory would record something, and delete it the next second giving way to conversations like this:

"Want a drink?" he would ask me.

"No, thanks"

A minute later.

"Want a drink?"

"No, thanks"

Another few minutes went by.

"Want a drink?"

"Yes, why not. Get me a beer please."

He would get up, get my beer, and sit back down. From then on, while he saw me with a bottle of beer in hand, he didn't ask.

He knew he was sick but a rarely saw him upset about hit. He did the best with what life provided to him.

Looking back, I now understand the great man he was after seeing what the disease did to him. He raised and provided for his family like this was his mission on earth. He had great friends, liked sports, fished about all the lakes around him and got involved when it was important.

What a loss. What a great loss.

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